Chapter 7 Katie

Chapter 7 Notes

Fallacies in Arguments

  • Arguments typically break down in one of three main wys:
    1. reasoning or logic (activated by evidence)
    2. credibilitiy (built with verification, reputation, or presentations)
    3. emotion (evoked by illustration)
  • fallacies do not build the best possible case for researching a conclusion
  • Insufficiency
    • over generalization or called hasty generalization
  • Unqualified Claims
    • qualification is a stated restriction that limits a claim's strength.
  • Irrelevance
  • Correlation versus Causation
    • confuses correlation with causation
  • Changing Subject
  • Straw Man Aruguments
    • oversimplified, exaggerated, or simply inaccurate versions of opposing arguments
  • Truth as Support
  • Relying too much on credibility
  • Getting Emotional
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