Chapter 7 What About Faults And Gaps In Arguments As

Chapter 7
Fallacies in Arguments
Arguments break down when there are weak linkages between thesis and claim.

3 faulty uses..
1. Resoning or logic
2. Credibility
3. Emotion

Weak Evidence
Must think about the audience. Looking at if the evidence is relevant or sufficient while also remembering that what is relevant to one reader may not be the same for all.
Fallacies do not build the best arguments. They can be used to be persuasive but in the end over generalizations should not be used for arguments.

Qualifying claims- helps avoid exaggerating arguments

  1. weaken the verb
  2. narrow the subject
  3. limit the subject
  4. add support

Correlation vs Causation
Just because there is correlation does NOT make it causation!!

Changing the subject to avoid answering a topic
Straw man arguments- inaccurate versions of the opposite arguements

Truth as support- Most readers who believe the truth will believe the argument

Relying too much on credibility-

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