What About Faults And Gaps In Arguments Lb

What About Faults And Gaps In Arguments

Fallacies in arguments

  • Arguments typically break down in one of three main ways
  1. Reasoning or logic
  2. Credibility
  3. Emotion

Weak Evidence

  • Arguments commonly fail when the audience does not consider the evidence presented to be sufficient or relevant.
  • Fallacies do not build the best possible case

Unqualified claims

  • A qualification is a stated restriction that limits a claims strength
  1. Weaken the verb "students seem lazy"
  2. Narrow the subject "some students seem lazy"
  3. Limit the object
  4. Add support

Remember that fallacies aren't necessarily false

** Anticipate objections
Respond to objections**

  1. We can concede
  2. We can refute

Elaborate to fill gaps

  1. Incorporate more examples
  2. respond to more objections
  3. relate the arguments to real life contexts
  4. Discuss the larger implications of your arguments
  5. Make connections to other related issues
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