Chapter 8 Katie

Chapter 8 Notes

  • Organize Rhetorically
    • What's my purpose
    • What kind of audience will read this
    • How are the arguments that I've read in this discipline typically organized
    • Am I conducting original research
  • Techniques for Organizing Your Thoughts
    • visualize your organization
    • experiment with maps, graphics, and software
    • create a reverse outline
  • Developing your Arguments
    • organize an argument around these categories first by addressing controversies about existence, then discussing definitions and consequences then evaluating, and finally offering solutions
    • arguments about existence and fact
    • arguments about definition
    • arguments about cause and consequence
    • arguments about evaluation
    • arguments about policy
  • Select Scholarly Arragnements
    • The Scholarly Model
      1. Introduction
      2. Background
      3. Support
      4. Consideration of alternative arguments
      5. Conclusion
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