How Do We Develop And Organize Arguments Megan L

Organizing Rhetorically

  • What's your purpose
  • Who is your audience
  • How is it typically organized
  • Original research

Techniques for Organizing Your Thoughts

  • Visualize your organization
  • Experiment with Maps, Graphics, and Software
  • Create a reverse outline

Developing Your Arguments

  • Arguments about existence and fact
  • Arguments and definition
  • Arguments and evaluation
  • Arguments and policy

Select Scholarly Arrangements

  • The scholarly model

1. Introduction
2. Background
3. Support
4. Consideration of alternative arguments
5. Conclusion

  • Scholarly moves

1. Start with what others said
2. Highlight agreement before disagreement
3.Put your best foot forward

Organize Your Revision

  • Add transitions
  • Unify your argument
  • Design your document

Structure Your Writing Process

  • Break the assignment down
  • Break into chunks
  • Get feedback along the way
  • Don't insist on following a linear plan
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