Chapter 9 Alex

Don't cheat the authors, take phrases out of context or use to prove a point that they really didn't make


Honor Code
Proper citation

Unauthorized Collaboration

Always ask instructor on what kinds of collaboration is allowed

  • See if discussing with others is allowed
  • See if going to a writing resource center is allowed

Recycled Writing

You can't learn something new if you don't work
No reusing papers that you have written

  • Ask professors if you can reuse certain parts
  • expand previous work

Tips to avoid Plagiarism

  • Get to know the Honor Code
  • Pay attention to how writers use their sources
    • Practice
  • Maintain careful notes as you research
    • Mark quotes w/ quotation marks
    • Keep track of page numbers
  • Don't write the paper then do citations afterward
  • Don't procrastinate

Quote and Integrate Sources

Introduce sources, who wrote it and why they are qualified

  • An Introduction- signal phrase ex: "The author states"
  • An Explanation- explains why the source is relevant

Create a Conversation

Create linkages by telling readers

  • Why the quote is there
  • What it means
  • How it's related to, or supports an argument
  • Interpret the source
    • explain "in other words"
  • Explain how the quote relates to the argument
  • Tell readers what makes the quotation significant
    • why it matters
    • implications
  • Consider ways to make a source your own
    • Provide own
      • example
      • analogy
      • related experience


closely read and fully understand the source

Citing Sources

  • Always cite
    • Quotations and paraphrasing
      • include page number
    • Summaries
      • small part- page numbers
      • large part- page numbers not necessary
    • Statistics, dates, and other sources

Citing Fundamentals

Bibliographic Citations

  • Author name(s)
  • title(s)
  • publication info
    • when, where, who

In-text Citations

  • names
  • pages
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