Chapter 9 Katie

Chapter 9 Notes

  • Write with Integrity
    • Avoid Plagiarism
      • get to know your honor code
      • as you read, pay careful attention to how writers use their sources
      • maintain careful notes as you read and conduct research
      • don't be tempted to write your paper and then go back t fill in the citations
      • don't procrastinate
  • Create a Conversation
    • interpret the source
    • explain how the quotation relates to our argument
    • tell readers what makes the quotation significant
    • consider ways to make a source our own
  • Paraphrasing
    • original text
    • proper paraphrase
    • proper paraphrase with quotation
  • Citing Sources
    • always cite quotations and paraphrases
    • cite summaries too
    • cite statistics, dates, and other details
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