Citizens And Consumers Ak

1. Explain how Edmonson responds to opposing sides or perspectives. Describe specific passages where she counters or concedes.
In the 3rd paragraph on the 2nd page, she recognizes how they do offer more jobs and cheaper products. She also states that there's no benefits for employees or giving back to the community. "The money grossed at the stores does not stay in the community." She addresses that the products are cheaper at the larger corporate stores but because they are taking all the business, they are putting local stores out of business.

3. Pick four statements that you consider a premise in her line of reasoning, explain how these function as a premise in her line of reasoning.
" The downtown specialty shops offer higher quality goods, often made right in town or perhaps only as far away as Leelanau County." This is a main reason for her line of premise because the quality of these products are higher quality than the cheap corporate brands, this kind of supports the theory of, "you get what you pay for."

4. How does Edmonson use Scottville and Cadillac to develop her argument?

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