Citizens And Consumers Fantastic Four

Question Answers:

1) Wal-Mart claims they have better products. Edmondson counters by saying that small community businesses are better because everyone knows and loves each other so they trust products more. (First 2 paragraphs pg 262)

3)Premise one on bottom of pg 260 says that big companies damage not only the economical values of the town but also the social aspect when known places in the community are forced to shut down.

Premise 2 on the middle of pg 261 states that big name companies stop reasons for communicating effectively with other people, and that the big name workers don't care about you because to them your just another customer unlike the small business who you live and work with everyday.

Premise 3 on the bottom of 261 says that you loose self independence when you rely on easy named brands instead of your own will power.

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