Citizens And Consumers Michael Hanson And Adam Lorentz

1.) She states that many people think that bringing big businesses to their towns add more variety and culture. She responds by saying that the exact opposite happens. She states that big companies work independently and that they don't add to the local atmosphere. "Instead of joining the existing culture, big box stores work independently to duplicate their product line and game plan."-Michael and Adam

3.) a) "…money grossed in these stores does not stay in the community…'(give) very little back to the community'" Page 260
In this statement she states that big companies don't help the community's economy because they take the money out of the system and don't invest back into the community.

b) "After a while, with corporate farms shipping food into the new corporate supermarkets, the farmer could no longer make ends meet and was forced to sell his farm and work in a factory." Page 261
In this statement she tries to speak to the readers' pathos and tries to enforce her stance that big companies destroy communities.

c) "…local currency has formed, the local food cooperative is flourishing, various peace groups meet frequently and march periodically…" Page 263
This is her stating that people work together to work against the big companies and try to help local businesses flourish.

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