Citizens And Consumers Outline Nicole Ariel Katie

Citizens and Consumers Outline

  • Introduction- Personal experience
    • Compares the two towns Scottville and Cadillac
  • Introduces the Problem
    • Talks about how the box stores affect the towns
  • Talks about opposing view point
    • Talks about how box stores are good benefiting the community, but then says that they don't help the community locally.
  • Talks about economics of box stores
    • They offer jobs and cheaper products and security of national brand products. She refutes this by stating that local businesses can't compete with the box store prices.
  • Turns to a source to credit
    • how a big box store full fills the hierarchy of our need, they have everything there
    • She tells the story about the farmer that had to sell his farm because he couldn't compete with the big box stores prices
  • Solution
    • Citizens should reject the big box stores
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