Citizens And Consumers Rachel Olivia And Mitch

1. Edmondson responds to opposing positions when he discusses how larger stores bring variety to products but they don't cater to the needs of the town they just bring things in. Instead of joining culture the stores work independently to duplicate products for cheaper costs. (page 260)

3. Page 263, don't see themselves as a part of the community they all see themselves as individuals. Page 260, "While it may seem that the walmarts and meijers of the world bring variety to their host towns, thereby adding to the local culture, these giants truly have the opposite effect". Page, 264, "Scottville is strong because of its community and its reverence of its culture". Page 260, "Not only are they harming our downtowns economically and artistically they are also threatening the social communities in which they feed". Big stores can afford to make their prices lower because they have more product to sell and can get it cheaper and the local stores pay more to get products so the prices need to be higher.

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