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I am a sophomore at BSU studying Social Work. I hope to get into the adoption field, preferably international adoption. I am from Hutchinson, MN. I have 2 sisters, one is a senior in high school, the other graduated from NDSU last year with a degree in music education and currently lives in Rochester. I am very quiet. I tend to wait for someone to talk to me before I talk. My family has 2 cats back home and has had a total of 3 dogs, 2 gerbils, a lot of fish, and 3 hamsters plus 2 other cats. Music is huge for me. I have the most random songs in my iTunes because I base it more on the actual song than the genre or artist. I play piano, used to play flute, was in band from 5th-9th grade, was involved with my high school's musicals freshman-junior year, and was in choir and choir small groups from 7th-12th grade. I was in the colorguard for my high school's marching band 8th-12th grade.

I love to travel and have been to ND, SD, AZ, FL, and all the states in between from driving. My family and I used to camp all the time until we all had jobs and couldn't all have the same weekends off. So I've been all over MN and have camped at Lake Sakakawea in ND and the Black Hills.
^ This is my younger sister, our friend Rosie, and I at one of my favorite camp grounds we used to go to down in Redwood Falls. This is from this past 4th of July.

I went to Mexico for the day when my family was visiting my grandparents in AZ. I've been to the Peace Gardens in ND and have stood in Canada and ND at the same time. I went to Walt Disney World with my high school's band and choir my senior year. I went to Spain a couple weeks prior for my high school Spanish class trip. I also went to Morocco for a day on that trip. (I am known as the cockroach killer among the girls that went to Spain since all the guys had already left for the US and couldn't kill it and nobody else would).
^ Me in Spain at the Don Quixote windmills (in front of me and to my left). I can guarantee you that the majority of the trees on the mountains and land behind me are olive trees! But I won't bore you with my ramblings of how beautiful Spain is, but if I could, I would definitely live there!

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