High Fructose Corn Syrup is not Sugar, says FDA

C: Article published May 31st, 2012; not revised since; may require new information as opinions on sugar change; all links work.

R: Information does relate to the topic, no question involved; Intended audience are people who normally read her articles or are curious about what is in their food; Information at a good level, not too in depth but now dumbed-down; We would source this, it has relevant information and is not biased.

A: Robin Shreeves is the author; Mother Nature Network is the source; author is credible; there are links to follow her on twitter and google plus but no direct contact information; .com address so less credible.

A: Links in text, but no sources cited to where she got the information; information is supported by evidence; has been reviewed by MNN.com to some extent; seems unbiased; no obvious grammatical mistakes; There seems to be other information about the same topic.

P: Purpose is to inform; Author does make purpose clear; mixture of facts and some opinions; objective because she talks in her bio how she is trying to eat more natural and was glad that the name wasn't changed; personal and cultural biases because she and others want to learn to eat more natural foods.

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