CRAAP Test Fructose AT, JB, RF, NB

Currency: The article was published January, 1 2013. The topic requires current information. Links are functional.
Relevance: Yes it's relevant, the question asked was, "should high fructose corn syrup be more regulated."
Intended audience appears to be American consumers. The information is at an appropriate level for the average person, its easy to read.
Authority: Katherine Harmon Courage. Published and sponsored by the "Scientific American" Shes and Author and freelance writer. She may be qualified hard to tell. The URL is a .com, not as reliable as other sources.
Accuracy: The article comes from an online magazine. The author cites reliable sources, like medical journals. Does offer a good counter argument, seems bias. Grammar and Spelling seems fine.
Purpose: To inform and persuade. Her intentions are clear. her argument is factual and opinion. Not objective, partial to one side. No clear bias, possibly cultural if anything.

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