Craap Test Group 5


  • January 2, 2013
  • Yes, updated date: May 1, 2013
  • They used both current and older sources to make their point valid
  • They all provide information about consuming fructose versus glucose


  • yes it relates to the topic
  • intended audience: people who consume corn syrup, have medical background
  • the level is pretty advanced, need some previous knowledge to fully understand
  • yes, we would be comfortable using this as a source


  • Publisher: Journal of the American Medical Association.
  • Authors: Kathleen A. Page, MD; Owen Chan, PhD; Jagriti Arora, MS; Renata Belfort-DeAguiar, MD, PhD; James Dzuira, PhD; Brian Roehmholdt, MD, PhD; Gary W. Cline, PhD; Sarita Naik, MD; Rajita Sinha, PhD; R. Todd Constable, PhD; Robert S. Sherwin, MD
  • yes all have experience and knowledge in the field
  • there is a lot of contact information (email, website, pdf) to the right of the article under the network reader
  • .com source


  • the information comes from the Journal of the American Medical Association and references provided
  • there are hyperlinks within the article to related articles
  • the article has been updated, corrected, and reviewed by others
  • yes because there are hyperlinks
  • unbiased tone, multiple viewpoints


  • inform, teach, compare (consumption of fructose vs glucose)
  • yes, they list objectives, importance, results, main outcome measures, conclusion and relevance
  • fact
  • objective, they provide their goal
  • personal and cultural bias, people who consume fructose
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