Debate Speech- SH

The situation that many colleges today face is charging students more for sport related funding. Bemidji State University is just one out of thousands that have a difficult time balancing funds for school. Tuition prices keep raising and the affordability and promising factor of obtaining a career after graduating is decreasing. Also higher education establishments should be working on improving the campus academically instead of recreationally.

College is not an option for many which is due to the raising price of tuition. After college more than 60 percent of students are in debt with the average of twenty-four thousand dollars in loans. Students shouldn’t be forced to pay for sport fees, when many are not a part of any teams. Post high school education purpose is to advance in education and help find a career for the future. The truth is that many graduates struggle to find a career right out of college. Raising the tuition to fund sport relation functions is not helping the national debt epidemic. Students shouldn’t have to pay for something that they may or may not participate in. Although the activities and sports teams are a nice perk and a fun activity for those not participating in to watch once in a while, it is not fair to charge the entire student body a hefty fee for something that they may not even have time to enjoy, depending on the their class schedule and homework load.

In order to exceed academically the school should always try to improve the academic programs. College is expensive, and academics should be a priority. Colleges should focus on the struggle that many students face when transitioning from high school to college. Expectations put on by the professors can be very strict, and many students have to teach themselves the material. I know this from personal experience. When I graduate I want to feel like I left college as a well-rounded and knowledgeable person, instead of not remembering the four years of information given to me. Sometimes it is incredibly challenging to be a college student even with a family history of high school and college graduates but these days there are so many students who come from a family where schooling was not the priority. These specific students are making the executive decision to better their life with or without the direct support of their families and a lot of times that mean pinching every last penny in order to pay for rent, groceries, gas, etc. and sure there are programs for students like that but they don’t have extra money to be supporting everything from our football team, every other sports team, AND every single club team. It gets to be pretty expensive.

Each student is different and enjoys different activities. Here at BSU specifically, whether not we enjoy every single sports team and every single club that this campus has to offer, we still are forced to pay and help support them. I almost get the feeling that the college is starting to become more for the social experience than actually learning. Some colleges spend more on sports then their own academic buildings. This money isn't just coming out of no where, and I don’t think that charging the students outrageous fees, and then cut programs that interest many is the answer to the problem. This is forcing students to either be stuck with a major that has nothing to do with the career they want to be in, or even more drastic, dropping out. This problem is not just seen in a few colleges, but nationwide. Priorities are out of bounds and the students have to pay for. Yes many enjoy the entertainment, but when college becomes more about activities than actual learning, it becomes a problem.

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