Debate Suggestions

1) that it is the government's fault for not only doing nothing to stop the destruction of Bengasi embassy with the death of its ambassador, but it is also terrible that they hid it from the public for so long. Note that seals died too

2) a significant national increase in minimum wage— or elimination of the minimum wage— on the premise that it's unrealistically low for any standard of living in today's world.

3) are the McDonalds employees justified in striking for a larger minim wage

4) with rising costs of tuition should we or should we not keep financing BSU athletic teams

5) Does society put too much importance on sports?

6) As a country we should stop welcoming undocumented immigrants.

7) Should parents be required to vaccinate their children

8) Should Women Rule the World?

9) Would the world be better off without religion

10) is a two party government making our country ungovernable?

11) Should Americans limit themselves to two children to control the overgrowing population

12) Should Fracking be allowed in the United States?



15) US Drone program, should it be allowed?

16) Should 1990's cartoons have their own channel?

17) Should Americans start digging for their own oil instead of letting companies like BP rent out land (Note focus on BP oil spill)

18) Should we get rid of daylight savings?

19) Should we have virtual school on snow days?

20) Should E-Cigs be allowed everywhere or banned?

21) A religious speaker or a quote from religion should be allowed to be said at graduation for high school students.

22) Sharia Law, those who are allowed in the US do not have the right to deny citizens stuff due to their religons belief.

23) drug testing to receive welfare?

24) It is time to acknowledge that using the Internet, whether you’re an adult or a child, means relinquishing your right to privacy.

25) Universities should be allowed to expel students based on the contents of their facebook status updates, blog posts, and tweets.

26) Too many students go to college.

No one has a thought here?

I like 5, 7, and 19. They all seem somewhat relatable that people would have opinions on and both sides would be able to have a good points.

what about creativity

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