Everday Arguments Kayla Dejong

1. TWITTER: "Fit is the new sexy" here
-This is an argument because they are claiming that "the definition of sexy is being fit," while others could argument that being fit is not sexy.

2. My old volleyball club's website has the quote on the homepage "Strive for Perfection, Attain Excellence" here
-People could argue that this volleyball club does not "attain excellence" or "strives for perfection." This makes this an argument.

3. My teacher in People in the Environment in class yesterday said "You all will love this class"
-Some students may hate this subject and argue that they will not love the class at all.

4. During volleyball practice today my coach said "This hard work will pay off in season"
-Other people could say that the work we are doing won't pay off during season, making this an argument.

5. My mom called me today and said "she made the best dessert last night."
-I or any one else could disagree and say they have had better desserts, making this too an argument.

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