Everyday Argument Courtney Haas

visual argument
Need evidence to prove America is addicted to oil.

from facebook:
That depressing moment when you realize that the 11% rebate not only starts again next Sunday, but it overlaps the bag sale again. Can't wait…
It may be depressing for this person, but not for the shoppers.

From twitter:
Daylight Saving Time was creating to save energy but it actually increases residential energy use instead.
Can use evidence to prove statement or disprove statement.

The idea that there isn't enough food to feed everyone in the world is a myth - There is more than enough food.
Again can use evidence to prove or disprove statement.

A baby’s cry is engineered to be as hard to ignore as possible. This is why they can be so annoying when the baby isn’t yours.
Need evidence to prove or disprove statement.

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