Everyday Argument Luke Fox


  1. Samantha Lee Wiehle:Let's see how much you'll regret getting those facial piercings when you try to get a job. She is arguing that she thinks that people who have facial piercings will not get a good job because it makes them look not professional.
  2. Visual The President is saying that they are going to fix the country, while the others are arguing that if he doesn't they will fix the election.
  3. Bemidji State University saying Best Decision Ever Here others could argue that it really isn't the best decision ever.
  4. Tom Serratore saying that Bemidji State University hockey team is the "hardest working team in college hockey" other people might say there are many other teams that work just as hard if not harder.
  5. My dad telling me that "I'm the best son ever" other people will usually argue that there own son is the best son ever.
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