Everyday Arguments Alex Gerondale

1) This first argument is stating that no matter what happens to the average American citizen good or bad the insurance companies will make money off the new Affordable Healthcare Act, or aka Obama Care.
*Health Care Bill

2) The image below talks about how president Obama seems to choose which laws he wants to follows with a picture of Nixon backing him up. This political cartoon in a follow up on the people who died because of president Obama's decision to send in attack drones. The argument is whether or not the act was constitutional.


3)My argument with my friend Shawn on which football team was better, the Packers or the Vikings. P.S (hands down its the Packers.)

4)This argument is about the HealthCare Reform and how its like a war on healthy young men.

5) My argument that my novel "Shadows of Dawn" should be made into a hardcover. It is a move to convince my publisher to follow on this act.

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