Everyday Arguments Autumn Flicek

Khol's Advertisement: From your Monday workout to your Monday errands, FILA SPORT has you covered.
Via Kohl's on Instagram. Follow us for more great pics.
This is an argument because it's saying FILA SPORT has you covered with their clothing.

From Facebook: I just refuse to stay in a situation or around people I can't grow with. Ain't no point in driving down a street just to keep hitting a dead end.
This is an argument because they're saying it's pointless to work towards something that's going to get you no where.

Advertisement for prom dresses: You never know how absolutely perfect Prom Night could turn out…
Be Extraordinary.
This is an argument because it's telling girls to be extraordinary and find that right dress.

Bagel restaurant Ad: There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh-baked bagels in a fresh, new bakery. Our Commerce Hill location opens tomorrow at 437 Commerce Drive in Woodbury! Trust us, you HAVE to check out our modern dining room, updated ordering station, full espresso bar and, of course, our authentic New York-style bagels!
This is an argument because they're saying there's no better smell than the bagels they've just baked.

Picture Argument: Freedom is never given, it is won.
This is an argument because they believe freedom is won.

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