Everyday Arguments Belinda Corniea
  1. Telling my boyfriend that he should come pick me up - this is an argument because I am trying to persuade my boyfriend to come pick up at the dorms so I don't have to walk to his house.
  2. Mrs. Hamann telling us that Wiki is a good skill to have - this is argument because she is stating that Wiki can provide you with some good skills that you can use later on in life.
  3. "Pizza is an acceptable meal at all times of the day" (found on twitter) - the person who tweeted this is arguing that pizza can be eaten all day everyday.
  4. http://www.memes.com/img/153178 this meme is arguing that Verizon employees really don't know anything about their products.
  5. My friends telling me that I shouldn't text my ex - this is an argument because my friend is trying to convince me that I shouldn't text my ex.
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