Everyday Arguments Emilie Brouse

The objective of our first real assignment on the wiki was to locate examples of formal and informal argument in our day-to-day lives, collect these examples, and describe them here on our Everyday Arguments page.

I found the effort of collecting these examples an easy one because arguments are all around us!

Below are descriptions of the examples of everyday argument that I found on BSU's campus, as well as downtown Bemidji:

  • @ a brochure for Harmony Natural Foods Co-Op: "Become a Member-Owner!"- Becoming a member means investing in a business committed to whole foods, our community, local farmers & producers, the cooperative principles and our environment. Harmony is the regional leader in the local "foodshed" working with area growers to provide you with the freshest product possible.
  • @ Bemidji State University Outdoor Program Center:"Be Adventurous!"- Enjoy Northern Minnesota as it was meant to be enjoyed. The nationally recognized Outdoor Program Center provides you with this opportunity. The trips are led by trip leaders, so you'll be in good hands. Our trips hold an amazing value!
  • @ a Bemidji Community Education posting: "How to Change Behavior"- Parents, teachers, husbands, wives, roommates… it seems like everyone is trying to change his or her own behavior or that of someone else! This three night course will provide the key elements of behavior change and how to maintain that change.
  • @ another brochure for Harmony Natural Foods Co-op: "Keep your children and family HEALTHY!"- Today's children are sicker than two generations ago. An alternative to chemically driven agriculture exists: organic farming. Together, we need to insist on shifts in our national approach to food and agriculture by demanding change across the entire food production chain, from field to fork!
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