Everyday Arguments Jessica Dulz

Found on Twitter:
"cookies and donuts are the gates to happiness #trythem"
This is an argument because the person who wrote this claims that cookies and donuts are the gates to happiness and is trying to influence you to try them.

Found on NSIC web page:
"I choose division II"
This is our conference's slogan to try and influence prospective student athletes to choose division II as well

Found from Opinionator Article in New York Times:
"Of course, as often happens with a bad divorce, problems had been brewing for years."
This an argument because the author makes the argument that bad divorces are in part a result from unresolved problems that have been going on for years.

Found on Facebook:
" I am the crankiest and meanest person in the world when I'm hungry and don't have anything to eat"
This is an argument because this person is making the argument that they are the "crankiest and meanest" person in the world.

Photo Argument:
This photo is an argument from the 1940's war time propaganda as an attempt to influence the attitudes of workers and those left back at home while spouses, friends, and family were away from home during the war. It is trying to convince people that they are capable of "doing it".

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