Everyday Arguments Michael Hanson

1) "Mike Zimmer is the favorite to be the next Vikings head coach….Yes please"
This was a Facebook status and it has to do with the Vikings' decision to hire Mike Zimmer, the formal Bengals defensive coordinator, to be the Vikings new head coach. The user who posted the status is trying to argue that he would do well at the job.
2) The above image was made to tell people about the upcoming Beaver hockey game and is trying to convince people to go there and to wear white to the game.
3)"It blows my mind that people will actually clips his/her nails on buses and light rail! What is wrong with people????"
In this Facebook status the uploader is stating that it is abnormal for people to clip their nails in a public space and is trying to convince people not to do it anymore.
4) "Today was Hockey Day Minnesota? There should be Basketball Day Minnesota too."
This was a Facebook status where the uploader was trying to say that a basketball day in Minnesota would be just as nice as a hockey day in Minnesota.
5) "Devil's Due was absolutely terrible."
This Facebook status is trying to say that Devil's Due is not a movie worth seeing.

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