Everyday Arguments Olivia Knutson

1) Quote from my mom "You should come home this weekend because it is your brothers birthday"
This is an argument by my mom to convince me to come home.

2) A Facebook friend writes on my wall "Pretty sure I've slept 50 hours in the last 2 days. Now that's talent"
This is my friend making an argument about how well she sleeps.

3) [[http://0.tqn.com/d/politicalhumor/1/0/Z/f/2/Reinflating-The-World-Economy.jpg]]
This is an argument because it is stating that the American government is pumping money into the World economy as a fix.

4) T.J.Maxx's homepage "Fresh fashion at up to 60% off department store prices". http://tjmaxx.tjx.com/store/index.jsp
This is an argument firstly because they are stating that their fashion is "fresh" and because it is up to 60% off department store prices.

5) The PGA golf tip of the day "Don't chop wood, drive the spike". http://www.pga.com/topic/golf-instruction/golf-tip-day
An argument for the benefits of a level swing with your driver.

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