Everyday Arguments Rachel Modrow

This is an example of an argument because everyone has different opinions about the hiring of a new coach. In the article someone says "We were breaking down at the wrong times and that really hurt us in the long run.” this is an argument from a certain person.

This article shows argument because the writer used a lot of his opinions when writing. He used sentences such as, " a narrative-busting epic with more storylines than a Tarantino film." They used the word "dominating" many times to show how one team was better then the other.

The Los Angeleus Times reports that the movie "12 years a slave" has one the best film award. This is an argument because not everyone will think that this is the best movie.

Saw this post on facebook "HAHAHA, the most ridiculous post game interview I've ever seen. "Don't you ever talk about me…. I'm the best!" Give me a break" This is an argument because he says "most ridiculous post game interview"

This can be seen as an argument because any drinks can be used and compared.
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