Everyday Arguments SH

1. "Worlds Best Cup of Coffee"
Even though this was seen in a fictional movie, there is no doubt that a coffee shop, somewhere, has that sign in their window. Its an argument to persuade customers to try their coffee, which in their opinion is the "Worlds Best".

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2. "Newser, Read Less Know More"
This argument is saying that you don't need to read as much to know more, but people have different learning and processing methods, and reading a small article may or may have not helped them learn much at all about the topic, as if they watched a news show, or listened about the topic on the radio.


3. "Anything is possible if your man smells like Old Spice and not a lady"
During this commercial the man demonstrates fictional events that happens to him because he is wearing Old Spice, he is using this to persuade/Argue the viewers into buying and using the product.

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4. " I should've used freecreditreport.com then maybe I wouldn't be serving clam chowder and Iced Tea"
This commercial argues what can happen to you if you don't know what your credit is like. He obviously doesn't like the job he has and he blames that on not knowing about his poor credit.

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5. "So making guns illegal will take them off the street? We should make heroine and meth illegal too!"
This saying argues that making guns illegal won't keep them off the streets, because heroine and meth are still being used.

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