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In the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Nicolas Carr shared his thoughts about how him and others came to an agreement that not only google but the internet has changed the way people think, read, and take in information. His purpose for this article is to bring awareness to the fact that recently people are not gaining the intelligence from just “skimming” through an article on the web. Instead what should happen is a thorough reading of the article or book, take in the information and analyze it. In this article he explains how he thinks google is making us stupid, and to do this he uses facts, outside resources and experiences of his own. Inside of this article Carr really breaks down his thesis that “google is making us stupid” basically saying that reading long text is becoming too difficult for people. Once people come to this realization they will soon just skim articles on the internet or skim though a book. In the process of doing this people are teaching their brain to read and take in information differently a thorough reading. Carr stated in his article “And what the Net seems to be doing is chipping away my capacity for concentration and contemplation. My mind now expects to take in information the way the Net distributes it.” When going back to reading a lengthy book, avid internet users find themselves losing concentration and always looking for an excuse to put the book down.

Every article has a target audience, and when it comes to “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” I believe the target audience is anyone ages 10+. Now a days teachers and schools are using computers and the web more often, teaching kids that they can use google to research or just skim quickly through the text. And the age cap can be anyone that can get their hands on technology. This day and age its very uncommon to see someone who doesn’t have a computer or smart phone, and if someone has either of those they know that reading has come to a halt and skimming is happening more often. The genre of this article seems to be informative to me, and at the same time they were persuading people why google is making us stupid.

When reading over the introduction of this article I was able to establish that the Problem or “catalyst” is, over the past few years people have been relying on the internet and web for information rather than another form of reading and this is making us “stupid”. The catalyst flows right into the claim, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” its pretty self-explanatory and is used as the main claim and thesis. Supporting this claim Carr used a few different ways to try and persuade people that he was right. He would give information about things that happened in his life when exploring the web and reading the internet more than reading a lengthy book. He said he was starting to lose concentration, and couldn’t read more than three pages without finding a reason to put the book down. The other thing that helped his article was all the people who agreed with his claim. Carr linked all of his supporting details with the fact that the web and internet are changing our brain and the way we read and understand things. The mind will start to take in information the way the Net distributes it. The consequences of skimming through the web, and using it more often can be anywhere from losing the ability to read lengthy books or articles and it will alter how our brain takes in information, in the long making us “stupid”

Carr made a claim that “Google is making us stupid” and gave a lot of support to that claim by using outside resources, his own experiences and facts about over usage of the internet and google. Basically saying that this generation and even the older generation are losing ability to engage in longer reads, also called getting lazy. Targeting the correct audience is a big deal with this article, getting the point across to everyone that the web is potentially making us stupider. The Atlantic published an excellent article that brings the attention to many that there is a possibility that google might be making us stupider.

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