Free Write Alex Gerondale

Depending on the product I will or will not check out the food label. For instance if its a small snickers bar I won't think twice what the inside holds.
However if its something like a bag of chips i usually will check. Most the time if I ever check out food labels it will be how much sodium, trans-fat, and sugar that is added
to the product or how much per serving there is of it. The reason for this is to watch my health and determine if its good for me to buy the product, if i do buy it then i
only read the label to see how much I'm taking in.

What there should be on food labels is directions on how much you are allowed to eat of that product to still stay healthy. Though that would be a challenge given how
everyone's bodies are different. I suppose the only other thing I can think of is a label for whether its healthy or not.

After reading the article about purifiers in beef my option of what should be on food labels has changed. Now I want to know what chemicals they pump into my food products
whether it be preservatives or purifiers. That's not all I want to know however, I want it to be labeled who makes the products and which companies do whatever to the food.
Also I wish there to be numbers on the label so you know who to call to complain about faulty foods. Plus all foods should be given a through examination by the government so
the citizens don't get sick, no one should be exempt from scanning. Other then that really my previous opinion stands next to this one. Food
should be safe to eat, not deadly.

Honestly I think finally textured beef (a.k.a Pink Slime) should be labeled on any product. After all they are pumping (or gassing) ammonia into our beef, I think we have a right to
know what were putting into our bodies. And really to be frank I think we should get rid of it all together seeing how it isn't nutritious and helps cause obesity. And if you need any
more back up to this idea look at all the people who are dropping it, McDonald, multiple chains of grocery stores, and even most of the school districts. If a big fast food corporation
like McDonald's doesn't want to be liable for pink slime in their products then that sends a clear message that it's bad news. I especially don't want to eat it myself because of the
nutritional values that my mother instilled into me. For the past 18 years I have always tried to make the healthy choice thanks to my mom's constant nagging, and thanks to that
nagging I feel better as a person. In other words no pink slim for me if it's going to be as bad as Monster energy drinks.


What are the most direct causes of the exigence about which you are writing?
How obesity functions and how it develops has many causes. Some of the major ones is that social environment influences us to overeat, brain function adapts and starts to have a need for the change in consumption, and that choices in our mother's diet during pregnancy ingrain in food habits. Examples of how social environment influences us can be seen though advertising fast food, friends, and public option when you are talked about. These influences make you want to overeat and become obese, meaning that obesity usually is not a personal choice of lifestyle (after all who would want to be unhealthy?)

What economic or business conditions may play a role in this exigence?
Economics and business can play major roles in how obesity functions and starts. For one if someone lacks money they tend to buy cheaper foods, namely the unhealthy ones and become fat. Businesses also play a role in this by selling good that are meant to be more addictive rather then healthier for the person. This gets individuals more attached to their products and makes them more obese, all this to make more income at the end of the month.

What societal attitudes, fears, or values may have initiated it or indirectly supported it?
Society often plays a role in obesity more often then not. People can sometimes convince people that they are fat so they eventually do become obese. Sometimes people watch how people are supposed to look and feel inferior which drives them to comfort food that makes them heavy. And even fears of being obese makes them more prone to unhealthy mistakes. All of society influences you, obesity isn't any different.


•What solution to your crisis can you propose? How will your solution address specific elements or causes of the crisis?
To destroy societal influence that starts obesity the best way to deal with it is through media and government intervention. The government will force social behavior classes in school and will have teachers enforce them, if bulling and equality is expressed among children there is a less likely chance of depression and overweight. For adults there should be a government office that deals specifically with dealing and helping obese people. For instance they can regulate what company's put in their food and also help overweight people by offering fitness trainers. Gov't can also use the media to help support this.

•How is your solution particularly practical, logical, manageable, ethical, humane, or economical?
The government is the leading force in the country and often deals and directs peoples beliefs to maintain order. Thus they can also maintain society's structure to make people more prone to make healthy choices. It would be more economical then most government agencies and it should be led by people who know fitness and the human body, aka doctors.

•What else has been tried or proposed? Why is your solution the solution your audience should embrace?
healthy food programs and changing school lunches, my solutions addresses all of that through government power and the influence of the media.

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