Free Write Jake Slimp
Wednesday Jan. 29

After reading the article I feel the same as before. Consumers should be able to know what hormones, process chemicals, or genetically modified material is contained in food. Instead of regulating we seem to give more power to the producers of food.

Friday Jan. 31st

Since this is a free market system I say sure, use it and label the meat. Would I buy packaged beef with the label, No. BPI tried to sneak the product into packaged beef and that would be my main criticism(that and who really knows what this product will do to our bodies after prolonged ingestion). The inherent flaw with our system is that the bottom line is the only thing that matters and sneaking "safe" fillers into the meat inflates profits at the consumers expense. After this "pink slime" incident, some states started implementing anti whistle bower legislation that made it illegal for journalists to utilize undercover cameras in slaughterhouses, hmmm.

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