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Reflection for Extra Credit

Throughout the course of this semester
  • What went well?
  • What gave you trouble? What did you do to address that trouble?
  • What did you learn?
  • What changed - and how? and what do you make of those changes?
  • If you did it again, what would you change? what would you keep the same?

Reflection of Arguments and Exposition

My experience with this class was great. I think speaking, and writing skills are very important assets that everyone will continue to use no matter where they are in their life. Looking at what went well in this course was many things. Starting with the coursework itself I like the building up of the papers. It really makes someone look into what they are writing more closely and more informed on the topic. My past experiences with English courses is being assigned a topic and with that you are to write a paper including all three aspects (good sources, argument, and solution) in a timely fashion. The downfall with that is students often never really evaluate their sources with the CRAAP test and I know I was one of those individuals. So the building up and taking our time on those papers went very well. I also think that our debate teams went well. It gave you the opportunity to work with others, get involved and do something hands on. I can tell by my own personal experience going from debate 1 I was so nervous and couldn’t really communicate. I came off as not being a reliable source. I looked and presented myself as being weak, the second debate all though I came off stronger I was also reading off paper which made me look not interested. By the third debate I had made eye contact which presented me better in regards to being so nervous. I think it qualifies as going well then you notice a change between your first to your last. Like the first debate to my first paper both had a major difference when the last project came around. Using the Wiki’s went much better than what I was expecting. It’s nice being able to refer to one thing for all your coursework and it helps you to stay on task.

I did have troubles in this course hence my extra assignments I am choosing to do. My biggest troubles that I encountered that hurt me were having my rough draft papers done on time. Because they were never done on that date I missed out on the peer review which hurt my overall score for that assignment. Not only that but I never got any feedback that I needed and would have benefited from. I faced these troubles by setting aside time to get it done. I took deadlines seriously. I took some time out of activities that really were not that important and applied it to the course. By allowing me even a little more time for the course I was able to fix my problems and was able to have my last paper reviewed which felt very good.

In this course I learned the credibility of sources, I learned how to speak and approach my audience, and I learned how to become a better writer. I am much more confident in my voice whether it is on paper or communicating with someone else. I learned the skills and the work going into credible papers, and overall my skill set has improved and matured. This course should not be overlooked because it actually is an important course to have and continue to use.

I changed as a writer. Before I was sloppy with my papers, and wasn’t able to really process my work. My attention to detail has changed and my overall voice of what I’m trying to deliver. They have changed in a way that is stronger, credible, and overall just better. This has changed by the coursework offered in the course. This class requires you to dig deeper. It teaches you how to become a better writer and speaker. It requires in depth thinking and strategizing and in return my skill sets have expanded dramatically. These are positive changes and I am happy with the outcome of the course!

If I did the class over again I would definitely keep my same topic with all three papers. It was interesting, different, and good information to have. Having a topic that you actually wanted to know about for a while helps with the motivation behind the paper. I would do some things differently such as attendance, and having my papers done before the dates. There were many resources that I should have used such as classmates, office hours, and writing resource center. Other than that I am confident in my debate team and the small assignments leading up to that. I really enjoyed this class overall and thought everything we did in the course benefited us in some way.

January 27th 2014
Do I read food labels?
Honestly, sometimes. I know that's not the best answer but its the best answer I can give. I am that type of person who tries dieting and it only lasts for about a month and then I quit. During those times I do like to read the food labels. For junk food however I do read the food labels all the time. Examples of that would be chips, Oreos, etc.

Why do I read labels & Why I don't…
I do like to know what exactly I'm putting in my body and if it is worth it. I look at the serving size and see what that entails. I also know that I'm eating the right amount. But like I said I do not read the labels all the time. So why is that? When I'm in a rush or its my ordinary foods such as noodles, produce, or condiments I never think to look. I know how many noodles I need to make and what will fill me up. I only really get concerned when it comes to junk food.

I would love for food labels to make a very noticeable note the chemicals that are allowed in our foods but banned in other countries. Such as: BHA, BHT, Arsenic, Olean, Synthetic hormones, Azodicarbonamide, Potassium bromate, Brominated vegetable oil, and Artificial coloring agents blue 1, blue 2, yellow 5, and yellow 6. I say this because it raises some concern to me as a consumer that these chemicals are banned from other countries for a reason yet we are putting it into out bodies.

This website gives a detailed description as to what these chemicals are and explains why they are banned in some countries:

January 29th 2014
Beef Processing Method - NY Times Article
After reading the NY times article I think that certain methods should be included on the food labels. Right when I started reading I saw that injecting ammonia into the meat?! GROSS. It makes me so mad that they can pay a bunch of money to get their product in form of "methods" so they do not have to put that onto a food label. I think that we the buyers should have a say of what we see that goes onto our food label. It's out body and we should not ignore what harmful things are going into it. I understand to put every method and process onto the food label would be overwhelming but I believe we can do it in a manner of rank. Rank those "methods" or "chemicals" if any reach say 8-10 (dangerous) I believe the food companies should include that. Ultimately it is they buyers choice whether we decide to buy and eat the product. I do understand that there will be a decrease in sales but that gives the company to come with a better solution or substitute. This article was informative and truthful. It made me look at food labels in a different way. I feel as though there is a lot of important things that are not addressed and that angers me. Companies should be honest with their consumers.

January 31st 2014
Where do I fall on the pink slime debate?
After reading three articles about pink slime and what it is, I would have to say I am against pink slime. I felt like the article urging us to continue to eat pink slime was off topic and didn't provide hard hitting facts like the other two articles I read. When it comes to the two articles banning pink slime they were able to make a connection, provide accurate information and make you a believer. Where as the other one is just gave a few reasons why. Such as the bullet list such as politics isn't about policy or laughter isn't about jokes. Remind me why that is in a pink slime article? It just didn't seem to me like it had enough to back the story up. Pink slime should be labeled differently. Obviously it is bad for us, and by not labeling pink slime it is so wrong. Any company can false advertise. As for baggage that i brought into this argument I really can't think of any. The only thing I could think of is seeing more sources about why pink slime is bad, rather than good.

February 19th 2014
"Food paper"

  • The exigence of what I am writing would be that there are harmful substances going into what we eat daily. These harmful ingredients have been banned in many other countries. We could do something about this and join the other countries who have banned the ingredient going into our food.
  • The business conditions are the ones who are profiting. We would be only hurting them if we were to ban certain ingredients from the many products we consume daily. Even though the same companies have a substitute in other countries for the same product… Even though petitions have been signed and there have been protestors they still refuse to remove the ingredient, until they have to.
  • Societal attitudes have initiated it and indirectly supported it because we continue to buy these products. We know that some of the stuff isn't good for us, yet we chose to take it off the shelf for our own consumption. Along with that many of us are only into the "feel good now" approach and because of that we don't really understand what is going into our bodies.
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