Free Writes Danny Eldien

Food Labels (1/27/14)

For the most part I do not read the food labels. I have recently started to look a little bit at them since I am not supposed to eat foods with high fiber. Other than that I don't really care too much about what the labels say. I believe that once I get older and my metabolism slows down I will start concerning myself with what certain foods are filled with but as of right now it doesn't worry me too much.
I believe that all the essential items should be included on a food label. Things such as sugar, fats, calories, cholesterol, protein, ect. For the most part I believe that they are included but they always try and trick you by putting them in serving sizes. A label may only say it has so many calories but if you look at it closely it will be for a certain serving size which may only be a small portion of the package. I think this tricks a lot of people into thinking they are eating healthy when they really are consuming a normal amount of calories.


After reading the New York Times article I believe a lot more information should be included on the food label. I would like to know that ammonia, although not harmful at small levels, is used in the processing of the the beef I am about to consume. It's tough to determine what should be included because you don't want the whole package to just contain boring information but some things I believe need to be put on there. Overall the decision should be up to TDA or U.S.D.A on what should be included because they should know what is most important in foods and beverages. They know what ingredients may be more harmful or beneficial to the consumer. If it were up to the companies they would leave as much stuff off of there as they could only pointing out the good ingredients they use such as if they product only contains so many calories or so much sugar. If there product was high on these ingredients then they would obviously leave them off the labels if they had the choice.


I would say that the most direct causes of the high mercury levels in fish and the waters they inhabit are due to the society and people not taking care of the environment. Everyday the waters that the fish inhabit get infected little by little causing the mercury levels to rise and for more people to get sick because of consuming the fish. People may not think that they are polluting the airs but every little thing could end up playing a small part in the contamination of the lakes and rivers of the fish we consume. I would say that one big factor is the pollution of the air by major factories that release toxins in the air while making certain goods. This could get worse during different periods of the economy due to how much each factory is producing and their output. If they are producing more goods then they are more likely to be releasing more toxins which in turn might contaminate the waters a little more. I would say that the fear of affecting your immune system and your overall health would be a major impact. Pregnant woman and young children are not supposed to eat fish because it can cause problems with your brain development. This is more of an impact on young children because that is when the brain is developing the most and eating fish with mercury in them can cause severe damage in the long run.

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