Free Writes Jacob Marcus

January 27th free write

I dont know who decides who puts the labels on certain food products. Honestly the only time ill read whats on a food label is when i am bored waiting it for it to cook or while I'm waiting for the other parts of my meal to be finished. They should just say how many calories are in the entire container not just by the serving size, because every type of food has a different serving size. I also think that they should put the main additives on the back in bigger letters so then people know not only what the main real ingredients are but also the additives that go with the.

January 29th free write

I think they should put the producers names and what chemicals are used in producing the products that we bring into our house. The suppliers should be accountable for their screw ups not only the "makers." Also I think that the people that banned the meat for their school lunch should have told more people, like the USDA, so then it could have reduced the chances for more E. coli and salmonella outbreaks. I think the USDA should have the final say on the products that deal with beef, pork, corn, beans, peas and other agriculture related products that are produced now. Reading it did not change my mind to much actually, I get my beef from a hometown butcher and pork from the same place. I feel safer buying these items from there because I know how his products are produced. It may make me look at other foods with greater detail now after knowing all of this.

January 31st free write

After reading all of these arguments I feel like the difference in using pink slime in some fillers for beef really makes no difference to me. I can see why everyone has taken a side on this topic, either it be against or for pink slime. There is really no reason to label it differently on the packages in my opinion, i feel like the companies do a good job of labeling it with Lean Finely Textured Beef. The labeling may keep some people from buy that product but honestly it is all beef no matter how they say it. It isn't the worst parts of the cuts or the best so I am pretty sure that it wont kill anyone if it is produced healthy with some federal restrictions. I find the NY Times article the most convincing on the topic because of the whole ABC video clips and they also show a lot of their research and have statements made by large restaurants like McDonald's and Burger King. Before we even started talking about this topic I really had no idea about any of it. I like eating hamburgers and just beef in general so I doubt these reporters will change my mind, I'll still eat as much as I always do.

February 19th free write

The main arguments from my topic included what are the side effects of feeding people and animals genetically modified organisms. And also what is the impact on our economy, environment and the people we are growing these products. Why has the government of the US allowed us to grow and export these goods while other governments refuse farmers from even just growing them. The economics behind this phenomenon are that the farmers are now making more money then they ever could have before because now the plants are almost immune to insecticides, herbicides and are roundup ready most of the time. This means that many of the chemicals that the farmers use to stop weeds, disease and insects will no longer hurt the plants and also gives the plants the chance to grow bigger, taller and more fertile. The farmers don't want to get ride of these but some scientists are looking at diseases and side effects that coming along with having a lot of GMOs in you diet. They are saying that it might cause birthing problems and other serious problems.

March 21st free write

For solutions to my problem there are many options that will make many people upset. One way that we could decline the use of GMO's by having government restrictions on these products and also make the companies that produce them put this on the food labels. By putting government restrictions on these the farmers would not be able to spread so much chemicals on our fertile land. This is also a very humane way of doing things because now the chemicals wouldn't have as many opportunities to kill off animals or pollute the lakes in large areas. I know there have been attempts in other countries to completely ban all GMO products. They say they want to keep their crops healthy and all natural compared to the mutated crops of the Americas and other parts of the world.

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