Free Writes Jessica Dulz


i do not read the food labels while i am grocery shopping for myself. This is mostly because i have a very busy lifestyle, and although this could be argument for why i should begin to read the labels and become more aware of what i am putting into my body and ensure that i am getting the proper nutrients and avoiding the "bad stuff". My argument for this is that i am simply trusting in the FDA, whom if i am correct has a large influence on what can go on labels, and make sure that food is safe for us. Although, this can be seen as the ignorant choice i do not believe that i have enough information and facts to make the correct informed decision that it would require for me to feel that i should avoid a certain brand, product, or ingredient that i may be buying. If in the future i become more informed about some of these things i would feel more compelled to begin reading the food labels and start using that knowledge to shape what i buy in stores.


After reading the article about beef processing i think that it would be beneficial to the consumer to have any chemicals or treatments that the product has undergone listed on the packaging somewhere. This does not need to be in huge writing but the information should be listed, so any concerned customer has the ability to do more research on what they find. By doing this we are allowing people to make their own choices on what they wish to put into their bodies. The importance of this being on the label is because, these are basic regulatory steps that the consumer should be aware of and if there is nothing to hid then in my opinion it should not matter. The company must stand behind the treatments that are being done on their products. I do not think they will change my opinion at this time, because I still do not have all of the facts surrounding these issues. I would like to believe that a company would perform these treatments, because the risk of not taking these steps out weighs the risks of not. These is the possibility that with more knowledge my opinion would be different.


I think that these should definitely be labeled on food packaging, because we as consumers and customers should know what we are putting into our bodies. However I am indifferent about how it is labeled, because I do understand the marketing stand point that does not what to have it labeled as something negative and disgusting, since that is poor advertising and would not promote people to buy the product. There are millions of gross and artificial things that we put into our body that do not even involve meat products at all and those are not brought to our attention. Everything we eat has the possibility to harming us in some way and honestly everything we do has a risk factor attached to eat, but as understanding adults we use our knowledge and the resources that we have available to us to make the most informed choice possible. Although we all do not have to agree with each others choices of what they put into their bodies it is their choice, and by knowing this I think that should be enough to allow them to make that choice for themselves and their families. When it comes to if this meat should be places into school food programs I think that there should really be some kind of vote within each school district. Personally I do not think that this is something that I would want my children to be eating, however school are under certain budget cuts that may make it hard for them to have anything other than that available to students. If your child's school serves this meat and you are very much so against it i think that you should take advantage of the alternative solutions that you have. Before coming into this argument I had very little previous knowledge of this topic and thus little bias toward either side. I think that the firs article that we read was the most helpful because it provided good sources and facts that helped me to better understand the situation.


The problem that I am going to write about is the way society views the necessary high consumption of protein by athletes. From a business stand point many protein companies stand to lose a lot of money if athletes and everyday people stop buying their product because they find out there is no longer a need for them to be consuming that much protein in their everyday diets. I do not think that the stopping of buying these product will have a large effect on our economy it would only effect those directly involved or invested in protein supplements. Society has a had a consistent view point that people need to consume large amount of protein and go on high protein diets to lose weight and build muscle. That is seen as especially true for athletes because of the amount of energy they burn while working out. Our society has influenced these ideas even more by promoting the consumption of protein and linking the results to large muscle or built and tone bodies. However, that is a very distorted idea that society has come up with. I do not think there are any fears that are associated with the use of protein other than those who may feel dependent on protein to maintain there bodies and active life styles, and are then forced to face the idea that what they have been believing for so long is not true.


•What solution to your crisis can you propose? How will your solution address specific elements or causes of the crisis?
•How is your solution particularly practical, logical, manageable, ethical, humane, or economical?
•What else has been tried or proposed? Why is your solution the solution your audience should embrace?

I think that a good solution for the issue with advertising as the leading cause to increased protein consumption by athletes can be solved by regulations placed on companies and businesses that will ensure the pictures and images that are posted on products are realistic and practical. This will help because it will promote a healthy lifestyle for those who want to change their body or become more physically fit. I think this is practical because it is easy for companies to deceive consumers about what their product does and this will help to limit the possibilities. A company or business should not be required to go through an outrageous amount of work or change in order to meet these goals that should be set in place, but it would be expected that it would take some time and consideration to adapt their previous ads to these new rules. To the best of my knowledge there has not been anything else tried, because protein continues to be a very popular substance for athletes and is very widely promoted. Protein has not yet been high enough on the consumers radar to interest any changing opinions, however it is only a matter of time before people realize the truth behind what it is doing to an individuals body. regulating advertisements it is a simple solution to begin fixing this problem. I think that this is something that will not have an obvious negative impact on anyone's life, but will begin the much needed change.

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