Free Writes Luke Fox

First Free Write

I used to read them more much more but not as much now. I used to read them because I was a wrestler and needed to know exactly what and how much I was eating when I was cutting weight. But now that I am not in wrestling I do not care as much but I will still look just at the basic main things like how much fat, sugar and sodium are in the foods that I eat. What should be put on the labels? I honestly don't know what should be put on there other than what they already put on the ideas. Right now I think they do a pretty good job of letting us know what we are putting in our body's I just think that people really don't care what the labels have to say just if the food tastes good.

After reading the article I believe that everything that is put into a product and also everything that is done to a product before it is sent to the store should be on there. I think they should do this so that everyone that is using and eating the food knows what has touched in and just what the product they are going to be eating has been exposed to. I still think that the U.S.D.A should be telling what should go on the labels I just think that they could have more rules and regulations about what needs to be put on these labels. Yes, reading this article did make me think that we need to have more information on our food labels so we know everything that is in and being done to the food we are putting in our body.

I feel that when we are dealing with "pink slim" that it should have to be put on the packaging or just not used at all. The labels that are put on the packaging should be large so that everyone should be able to know what they are putting into there body's. I was surprised to see that the BPI was supported by the republican party and that they were in full support of what they were doing. For this topic I did not have any preconceptions to this topic, I honestly never even heard about this before.

In the United States we have a problem with eating to many foods that are not good for you. This is why the people of the US need to start looking at the food labels so they know what they are putting into your body. What people are doing is they are taking the easy quick foods usually because they live in a high pace world and they just don't have the time to make food. This is becoming a large issue for them with their health, these quick easy foods that they are eating are full of many things that are not good for the human body.
The companies that make this food make sure that they market to the people who have a busy life and are always on the go. They also target people who are busy and also have kids, this is a easy target for them because they do not have time to make food for their kids and are always on the go so it is east just to grab something quick without looking at what is in the product.
The fast pace world that we live in today has made a large impact on how and what people eat today. When people are so busy they do not have the time to look at what is in things to try to find the healthiest choice for them. They just grab the first thing that they see and go with it so they are not late for the next thing they have to do.

The solution to the crisis of people in the United States being to on the go and feeding themselves and their children is to educate people about how this is effecting their bodies and their children's bodies as a whole. Yes it will address how that eating on the go and how just grabbing fast food has a effect of your bodies health but also on heath of growth and development of your brain.
This solution is something that will effect the whole country, save people money on medical bills, and if you can make it so it does not slow down the brain development it will make so a person later in life will be able to get better grades and school so they are able to make more money.
Things like putting healthier foods on the menus at these fast food places is already being done but most people even though that they are on there when they go to these places they just get what they usually get because they know that they like it and it is good. My solution is the solution that people should embrace because it is educating the American people about food and what it is truly going to do to their bodies in the long run. I also will be able to show them all of the things could help them save and have more money for other things in their lives.

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