Free Writes Sean Streier

First free write 1/27

Do you read food labels? If so, why? If not, why not? What information do you think should be included on food labels in the United States?

Personally i do read food labels from time to time, not very often but i do catch myself looking. I feel that there is a general reason why anyone looks at labels, and that is to know what is going into their body. I think all information should be included on food labels. From the chemicals they use to preserve it to the type of seasoning used.

Second free write 1/29

After reading the NY Times article, What information should be included on food labels? Who should decide what is included on food labels? Did reading the article change your mind, or make you think about food labeling in a different way?

After reading the article i think that labels should include how the food is produced, or what chemicals are used to either kill bacteria in it or to preserve it. I think it should be the Food and Drug Administration but obviously they do not really do a good job at this. So possibly we could create a separate committee for just food labels. The article really did not make me think of food labels any differently, because i already had an idea of this whole process due to previous classes.

Third free write 1/31

After reading the three articles about the pink slime debate, where do you fall on this issue? Should it be labeled differently? Which argument(s) did you find most compelling? Why? What preconceptions (baggage) did you bring with you to this debate that might be influencing your position?

Personally i feel that pink slime should be labeled differently and more clearly to the consumer. We have the right to know exactly what is in our food, and it then would be up to us to determine if we want to purchase the product with pink slime. The argument i found most interesting was in the first article were he states that just because pink slime is safe, does it mean it is right. I like this because it brings up a very interesting idea to just let sink into your head. When i started reading these articles i didn't really bring anything with me besides the fact of just knowing or hearing of pink slime. Like i said i had heard of this substance but i never really looked into it and figured out the actual concept of the product.

Fourth free write 2/19

What are the most direct causes of the exigence about which you are writing? What economic or business conditions may play a role in this exigence? What societal attitudes, fears, or values may have initiated it or indirectly supported it?

The exigence i will be writing about is the cause of childhood obesity and how to help prevent it. In today's society it is a common known fact that obesity is a very rapidly growing problem, especially in our children. However there has to be a way to help prevent it. I have researched the use of a tax on junk food to prevent the increase. When researching it brought out the point that business and economics both play a role in the obesity of our nation. Companies want to make the most money they can while making the cheapest product they can. Which results in a very unhealthy product and us buying it since it is so cheap. Economics and business have every thing to do with this problem, seeing as the companies control the market, they also control what we eat. At first glance I can not actually think of any social attitudes, fears or values that will affect this problem in our country.

Fifth free write 3/21

What solution to your crisis can you propose? How will your solution address specific elements or causes of the crisis?
How is your solution particularly practical, logical, manageable, ethical, humane, or economical?
What else has been tried or proposed? Why is your solution the solution your audience should embrace?

The solution to my crisis is, we should be taxing junk food higher, that way we can make healthy food more easily obtained. This will address the issue that people with lower income can only afford to buy the cheap junk food. My solution is very manageable in a way that all it would take is a the government to make a plan and establish the tax on the junk food and implement it. On an economical stand point, this solution can actually help and stabilize the food market companies. I say this in a way that junk food companies will not be the only companies now making tons of money, rather healthy food companies will also begin to make more profit. This tax has actually been proposed and tried in a few different ways. For example in New York, they actually banned Sugary Beverages over a certain Fluid Ounce level. Though this plan did not hit off very well, I believe my solution will. The main reason I believe my solution will work is because as a country we are trying to become healthier. In that case if we make it more affordable for everyone to purchase these healthy foods as a country we can take a large step towards becoming less obese.

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