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No I don't really look at what is on the label is just look at what I would like to eat and if it is good for me and whether a not I should be having this and how it will effect me in a good way or not. I'm talking in the sense that I'm a athlete looking to improve on the eating habits and how they can help me preform at the highest level every time I go to the rink. well I think that they should just tell you if it is good or not good. because there is no need to have people looking at the labels to see if there is to must sodium or sugar or high fructose corn syrup

After reading part of this article they were trying to make a good enough to make a good change to make the food better. well I think they should put anything that people my want to know its up to them whether they read the label or not. no this article didn't change my mind about labels on food just just made me think a little about what goes on with companies fight to sell product with out it have a bad problem like e E Coil. so yes and no in the fact that this made me think differently in the way I will eat food. this is not going to make me start reading labels to see how things are treated to make it disses free.

I fall in the side of having it labeled on the product in the fact that we want to know how you get the meat, how it was processed and how it was made in to what you are about to eat. why should you learn to love pink slim was my favorite article because people are just jumping to say that the "slim" is bad for you because it is the extra from the cut they cut it off of but it "is not really slimy and it is reasonably safe and nutritious"(Nestle).the baggage that I brought with me is that my father is in the meat business and we always have good meat I have never had anything bad that my dad has made for us with ground beef.

What are the most direct causes of the exigence about which you are writing?
the direct problem for obesity is people are died sooner then they should. we need to keep working on way to help people get health. we need excursive to keep us health but the biggest thing is to eat right.

What economic or business conditions may play a role in this exigence?
Well some big things are how much it cost to eat health but if you want to live longer it pay to eat healthier. the other thing that my have a effect on the economic is having to pay for more physical education teachers in our schools. Do we want are kids to be smarter or do we want are kids to live longer.

What societal attitudes, fears, or values may have initiated it or indirectly supported it?
People want to do things there own way and they don't want others to make them do things. We have fear of death we all want to live for a long time but most of us think that what we eat on a daily basis isn't making our lives shorter. we all want thing are quick and fast to make and to eat so as a society we go to the easy and fast things to make because we want it now. If we take that time to make good food we will be happier and healthier

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