January 27th

I do not usually read food labels mostly because I'm not allergic to anything that is usually in food products. i think that products they used to produce it should be on the food labels. Everything that is used to make a product should be on the food label because if it is not someone could be allergic to something and not even know it until it is too late. Also if everything is labeled we could figure out easier what is actually healthy for us and is good for us to eat.

January 29th

They should include more ingredients into the label. Even though they claim ammonia is just a product not an ingredient it should be listed. People can have allergies to "products" that they do not include in there. Also, Ammonia is not good for you can if you ingest enough of it, it could cause you to become sick or hurt your body. They could find a safer way to make E coli nearly untraceable. I think that the USDA should have stricter guidelines in place for food that contains bad chemicals like Ammonia. They should test out how it works for a period of time before they actually allow it to be sold in schools or in supermarkets.

January 31st

I do not think that it should be allowed to be eaten by anyone. I think we should have the realest cleanest beef possible. I do not think it should be allowed anywhere including schools and fast food places. I think it should be labeled if it contains Pink Slime. Even if it helps the environment it is not healthier then Pink Slime. I think that the New York Times article was the most compelling because it had an effect on my emotions. I came in with baggage as I was reading this because my mom only buys the best ground beef she can, the kind with the least amount of fat and that is healthier for my family.

Feb 19th

•What are the most direct causes of the exigence about which you are writing?
•What economic or business conditions may play a role in this exigence?
•What societal attitudes, fears, or values may have initiated it or indirectly supported it?

Caffeine can cause health issues and can also be very bad for your health. It also effects people differently so it could be hurting you and you might not even know about it. Caffeine can be found in many things whether you know it or not, which can mean you are consuming much more than you actually think.

Companies market caffeine all the time such as energy drinks companies or soft drink companies. They all market there product to everyone even children. They make money by selling a huge amount of caffeine but do they know what caffeine can do to people such as kids or pregnant woman.

Most people believe it is okay to drink soft drinks or pop on a daily basis and some parents allow children to consume a large amount of caffeine its normal for people. When people drink energy drinks or soft drinks I think that caffeine is the least of their worries however they should study caffeine and its effects more before they should let their children drink a lot of it.

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