General Grading Rubric
Area of Assessment 100-90 (A) 89-80 (B) 79-70 (C) 69-60 (D) 59-below (F)
Purpose The “A” essay fulfills the assignment in a fresh, insightful, and mature manner. The essay establishes the writer’s stance and demonstrates a clear sense of the intended audience, purpose, and context. The assignment has been followed, and the essay demonstrates some sense of audience and purpose. Attempts to follow the assignment, but demonstrates little awareness of the rhetorical situation. Essay relates vaguely to the assignment, but has no clear purpose or direction.
Content and Organization The essay has a clear claim that is supported with specific details. All required components are well-developed and there is an excellent organization of material. The claim is fairly well-defined, focused, and supported. Argument contains all required components and there is a good organization of material. The claim is defined only generally; supporting evidence is often obvious and lacking in detail. Organization of material is adequate, but argument may be missing a required component. The essay may not have a clear claim. Obvious supporting details and required components may be missing. Organization is difficult to see or infer. The essay falls seriously short of the minimum length requirements and required components are missing.
Mechanics Minimal issues with grammatical errors. Excellent expression of ideas. Some issues with grammar, and more simple than complex sentence structure. Issues with grammar. Mostly simple sentence structure. The number of errors in grammar lead to a lack of clarity. Numerous and consistent errors of spelling, usage, and punctuation hinder communication.
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