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Help Pages

These pages will help you get started with some specific aspects of Wikidot. These pages only provide a basic overview, and it is hence recommended that to fully explore the extent of Wikidot's power that you visit the Community How-Tos.

Other Pages

The following pages are basic facilities of generic websites and are hence included in the Standard Template. They need not be edited, but you may, of course, do as you will if you are comfortable enough.

Page Description
Recent Changes A list of all the recent changes that have occurred on the site.
Recent Posts A list of all the recent forum posts that were made.
Search The page that users are directed to when searching on the site. It displays search results.
Members A list of all the members on your site.
Themes Administration A hub for all the CSS Theme pages your site may possess.
This Page is Deleted A message that is shown to non-admin users if they visit a deleted page.
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