Ideas Nw
  • Dedicated recycling days once a month for every town
  • More guidance and containers for recycling on campus
    • Creative ways to make recycling fun and easy
  • Charge those who don't recycle fines for not doing so
  • Provide incentives for those who do recycle…like $10 off the electricity bill or something that is helpful to that family

Going with number 2…

  • education and making it more convenient

Opposing points of view:

  • dedicated recycling days/ why not?its only one day a month. College students won't save up garbage, not as convenient.
  • charging fines/ why not? because college students are broke already, might not pay anyway and then who would try to collect, student senate is unlikely to pass, and even if they did, administration is unlikely to agree and approve the measure
  • Provide incentives/ why not? It would cost BSU more if every time students recycle BSU has to pay out an incentive, where would the money come from? number 2 is one- time expense with minimal upkeep, rather than an ongoing expense.
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