One option is
There are directions on that site for using their program.

You can save your infographic right on's site and just link to it on your name page. However, if you would feel more comfortable saving the image you create on your wiki, here is one way you can do that (directions for windows using a mouse that allows for right click*):

  1. Create a new page titled Solution Proposal Infographic followed by your name or initials. Go back to your Infographic.
  2. On that page, right click on the image.
  3. Choose 'Save as image' from the options listed.
  4. Take note of where you save it and what you name it (it will be a .jpg file).
  5. Return to your Solution Proposal Infographic page and click on 'file.'
  6. Click on 'Upload a File from your Computer' and follow the prompts to attach your image to your page. For more detailed instructions check here and here.
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