Interview Claire

1. When I asked Claire about the most exciting thing she did last year, she said, " I bought my car" (Sletten).

  • In other words, Claire will no longer be walking everywhere!

2. When I asked Claire about a strange or unexpected situation she expected she explained, "One time I was changing and talking to my grandma through the door and she kind of walked into the room…….." (Sletten).

  • It is safe to say that Claire and her grandma got A LOT closer that day!

3. When I inquired about the strangest experience Claire has had at work, she told me, "One time Jeremy tried to lift the door of the walk-in cooler to see how heavy it was and actually took it off the hinges, and broke the door" (Sletten).

  • Clearly, Claire's day did not lack pizza-az;)

Interview Noelle

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