Interview Kwong W Alyssa Huseby

1. When I asked Alyssa about what was the most exciting thing she did last year, Alyssa explained "I went to a lot of concerts. Many country singers come by to my town." (Huseby) In fact Alyssa had a music filled year.

2. I asked Alyssa to describe a situation where something completely stranger or unexpected happen. It was rather a tough question to ask,but she stated "During one of the concerts I went to last year, I almost made it up on stage with some country singers." (Huseby) In other words, Alyssa was close to getting near country celebrities and gaining some spotlight.

3. When I asked Alyssa about what is the strangest thing that happened to you at work, she said "During a clean up in the male bathrooms, a guy came in and decided it was okay to "go" to the bathroom as I'm cleaning. Clearly it was not okay, I even asked him to leave." (Huseby) It seemed as if the guy didn't have a care about where he uses the bathroom.

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