Interview Noelle

Interview Questions Claire → Noelle

  • 1. When asked about the most exciting thing she did last year, Noelle exclaimed happily, "I bought a boomerang. I also graduated… Seriously I can throw a boomerang" (Berkelman). In other words she became a superhero named, Boom!
  • 2. When I asked Noelle a situation she was in that was strange and unexpected she stated, "I bought this super bouncy ball, like super bouncy… I hit my super by roommate with it and she was holding her face like 'Ow!' I couldn't stop laughing" (Berkelman). In other words she accidentally created a new game.
  • 3. Noelle responded like so when I asked her to remember the strangest thing that happened at work, "…when I was on the line a ticket came down and I burst out laughing when I read the name. Geniferrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I really hope Sam spelled it wrong on purpose, otherwise he should reconsider his career choice as a first-grade teacher" (Berkelman). I hope Sam didn't do it on purpose as well.

Interview Claire

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