Jacob Belina

Hello, my name is Jake Belina and I am a sophomore here at Bemidji State University. I am majoring in Math with an Actuarial Science Emphasis and plan to graduate in December of 2016.

Home Life

I was born in Apple Valley, but moved to Owatonna in 2003. My home consists of a 9 acre yard surrounded by fields. I have had a plethora of pets while i have lived there but now have 2 dogs and 4 cats. I raised chickens while I was at home and ducks for one season. We just got rid of our egg laying chickens, otherwise we raised 120 chickens during each summer with my only brother Joe. He is a Junior in high school and aspires to attend the United States Air Force Academy.


  • Guitar enthusiast for 9 years
  • Attempt to play any sport
  • Anything Outdoors
    • Hunting
    • Fishing
    • Motorcycle
    • Snowmobiling
  • Minnesota sports teams

A Typical Day

I am a calm and relaxed person with a good work ethic. If there is a job to be done it will get done. After that it is all play. I lift weights every weekday at 5:30 AM which means I am definitely a morning person. Go to class and do whatever. When I get home I usually play guitar 2-3 hours a day. I currently own 4 guitars and tons of little gadgets that go with them. I love to watch and attempt to play hockey. My favorite team is the Minnesota Wild. TV Watching normally consists of snowmobile or dirt bike racing, hockey and other sports.




Actuarial Science Information
Guitars for Sale
Weather Forecast

I don't use the internet often. When I do it is to check up on requirements I need to become successful in my area of study, looking up all sorts of different guitars and checking the weather to see when there will be enough snow to snowmobile.

Purdue OWL

Purdue OWL

Class Work

Notes Belina
Rhetorical Situation
Scholarly Statement Belina
Support Analysis Belina
Consider This JB DH
Rhetorical Analysis Belina
Annotated Bibliography Belina
Project Proposal Belina
Arguing Cause Belina
Interview Belina
Final Draft Arguing Cause Belina
Logical Fallacies JB DH
Proposal Essay Response Belina
Proposal Free Writes Belina
Proposal Essay Responses Alex
Solution Proposal Outline Powerpoint
Paraphrasing Belina
Solution Proposal Belina

Organic Farms vs. Conventional Farms — looks good, Jake. Hamann

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