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Hi I'm Jacob, I am a sophomore here at BSU. I am currently a Social Studies Education major with a Coaching minor.

I am from a small town in southern Minnesota named Olivia.
My high school was called BOLD, it was a combination of 2 other towns by my hometown.

In college I am part of the BSU rugby team and also a member of the BSU Ducks Unlimited chapter. With all that I love to fish, hunt and just being outside up here.

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Jake, I was going to comment on your Arguing Cause page, but you had a draft and an original, so I didn't want to eliminate one on the chance it was the one you were using. Anyway, I am not clear from what you have there what your exigence is. What is the societal problem you have identified? What is the problem with GMOs? Are we unwittingly harming our health? The environment? Are we halting important progress needed to feed the world due to our ungrounded fears? Or something else entirely? First, establish a problem, then prove to your class what the cause of that problem is. If you have any questions, let me know on Wednesday.

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